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A case of AGV car handling program in a flexible production line car factory
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In the four automobile production technology and production of key auto parts industrial robots are needed . In the car body production, there are a lot of die-casting, welding, testing and other applications, some of which are currently involved in the completion of industrial robots, especially welding wire, welding wire has a large number of industrial robots, very high degree of automation.  Robots are nedded in the production of automotive interior parts to weaken the epidermis, to foam, finally to cut products.  Due to heavy workload, the risk of resistance, auto body spray often uses industrial robots instead.

With the current booming of automobile industry, in order to improve the level of automation, there are many car manufacturers want to apply AGV technology to their assembly line.The intelligent AGV car for automotive assembly line and engine assembly line embedding electromagnetic guidance or tape guide AGV systems for automobile assembly and engine assembly, thereby replacing the traditional manner chain or conveyor mode.

Note: The console side station after assembly is completed automatically transported by car to the specified location AGV bear huge transport tasks, significantly saving manual labor.

Note: All interior components placed  in the body around the lockers, through a single vehicle configuration to deploy all the necessary accessories  and then transported to the station by  AGV, the workers on the production line can be free to  installed.


Each car parts are very heavy, handling robots such obscurity played a crucial role, the robot will be designated route along the ground, managed through the computer.The intelligent AGV can play music when passing around to remind workers, it does not matter if you did not hear, you can perceive the presence of ultrasonic, never with anyone or thing close contact. After testing will confirm the flawless body into the painting aspect of the lower part of the body 艾吉威 intelligent AGV car body by default route will be sent to the designated location,The intelligent AGV car use to reduce the labor intensity of workers .


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