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Awards Ceremony
Author: Date:2013-11-21 16:57:33 Visits:

 The “AGV Star” of the third quarters of 2013, has freshly baked. Seven employees become award-winner, including a grand prize, a first prize and five second prize. Manager Liu awards for everyone and each winner receives a gift carefully prepared by manager Su. The winners with happiness on the face are so excited. Let us look at the awards site bar.



The “AGV Star” is established by Monty Liu the founder of SUZHOU INDUSTRIAL PARK AGV TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. It’s a honor for the outstanding employees of AGV. AGV Star is divided into "quarters Star" and "Star of the Year", "Quarter Star" rates once every quarter, "Star of the Year" rates once a year. The winners are the staff who has good work attitude, outstanding performance. Every award is precious, to have received this award is the largest recognition and motivation for employees. 


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