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Our Company Successfully Developed the World's Most Advanced Cross-country AGV
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 Introduction: While most companies are facing a big dilemma of high cost of AGV technology introduction or a long development cycle by independent research, the off-road style AGV developed by Suzhou Industrial Park AGV Technologies Co., Ltd. grand debut in the "2013 Asia International Logistics Technology and transport systems Exhibition ". Its advanced laser navigation technology, flexible body, as well as the unique shape caused a sensation of the industry.



It may be hard to imagine, in the major workshop, production line, warehouse, stressful and busy logistics handling, assembling scenario, there are no workers , instead "robot" has become a hero - they are in accordance with specified procedures, quickly and accurately move according to the path to complete tasks. it is this cross-country AGV's daily work. It is a digital assembly for multi-shift AGV equipment coordination of technical research containing the latest achievements.

Cross-country AGV is a mobile robot, it is very easy to imagine that it has a "human form" ,but actually it more like a "car". It is an intelligent mobile robot tailored for digital assembling. It integrated the sensor technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, automation control engineering and artificial intelligence. It is a multi-disciplinary research  representing the highest achievement of mechatronics, one of the most active areas of scientific and technological development.




Different from common laser-guided AGV at home or abroad, cross-country AGV has outstanding advantages - without reflectors. Ordinary laser navigation AGV needs a series of pre- set vertical reflective panels around its travel path. The laser scanner continuously scans the surrounding environment, when scanning the reflector, the scanner will be able to perceive. More than three reflectors need to be scanned so the AGV can calculate the current coordinates and a traveling direction the angle between the X axis , to achieve accurate positioning and orientation purposes.

This Cross-country AGV has a smart learning ability, remembering constantly operating environment, to identify its own position, without reflectors restrictions. This technological breakthrough, makes the cross-country AGV almost no requirements for indoor environment, while is also suitable for outdoor operation. Cross-country AGV with automatic obstacle avoidance function, automatic obstacle avoidance radius up to 30 meters , the positioning accuracy of ± 5mm, minimum bend radius 500mm, its strong power is 2.5 times that of ordinary AGV , with good climbing ability.



AGV expert, professor of Hannover  prof.Dr.-Ing.habil   Lothar Schulze   Lothar Schulze



The cross-country AGV, is a breakthrough achieved by Suzhou Industrial Park AGV Technologies Co., Ltd. Creating a new heights of AGV technologies. Once appeared, it caused great interest of AGV industry experts at home and abroad. They have expressed the intention of technology introduction and join.

Hard labor, employment expensive trend has occurred in many areas and industrial robots seek for a multilateral development based on the national policy and market demand. To get rid of dependence on foreign technology, independent research will promote China's industrial robot industry toward rapid and healthy developing. The high technology embodied in cross-country AGV brings new opportunities to domestic industry.





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