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Importing AGV System
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Importing AGV system is designed to achieve space efficiency of materials and time-efficient , so that the logistics speed up to shorten the time,broaden space, save cost to increase profits, achieving a variety of logistics chain and obtaining the most reasonable convergence good value for money.

The system can achieve highly automated factory production , improve production efficiency, reduce production costs and achieve a rapid and timely , low-cost , large-scale optimization. It is also easy to control inventory and manage. The working principle is paving ground magnetic stripe at the scene of the planned path. AGV is guided by the onboard computer which calculates AGV 's current position and determines running direction of the cart and walking paths can be changed at any time based on actual demand.   

AGV system is a dynamic system with many factors affecting productivity system,so the planning should consider the following aspects:

AGV system circuit layout and logistics handling system location of the site arrangements ;
Trolley scheduling rules ;
Traffic management and operation of route planning ;
AGV number and AGV system planning .

Workshop logistics routes layout should follow some basic principles :

1.On public roads should avoid setting material handling stations to ensure smooth logistics main road to avoid traffic jams ;

2. Loading stations within each region should be located before unloading station ;

3. Try to make the same amount of material handling within the region to maintain a balance so as to reduce the running time AGV empty , improve the utilization of AGV ;

4 .Different regions of the logistics strength should try to maintain a balance , to avoid running centrally AGV case , thus reducing traffic congestion can either simplify traffic management , but also improve the efficiency of the system ;

5.AGV through one or more lines to reach destination ;

6.Heavy traffic "bottleneck" intersection should AGV channel to allow the car safe driving .

According to the actual needs of the logistics field ,AGV car traveling on the route and site planning, design and definition to enable AGV car in the whole system can be efficient and orderly running smoothly , thereby improving the efficiency of the entire logistics system and AGV car usage is to carry out route planning and design point of departure and destination .Here to enterprise environment equipment arrangement under circumstances AGV road planning out a roadmap and set the appropriate pickup , unloading sites bits , the position of the charging station , garage station location , for the specific case specific analysis should be done . AGV  walking trolley system network diagram is a running track them through software designed it from the point of the line segment and the corresponding sites and other components. Lines and stations have different types and attributes , according to the different needs and sites using the corresponding segments to achieve its purpose.






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