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Why to use AGV
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AGV set of optical, mechanical, electrical , computer as a whole, a combination of today's technology field theory and application of advanced technologies. Guiding ability, high positioning accuracy, automatic driving job performance.


1.Flexibility : the ability to very quickly and easily with all kinds of RS / AS entry / exit , production lines, assembly lines, transmission lines, stations, shelves, operating point and other organic binding . According to different needs, in different combinations to achieve a variety of different functions. Can minimize logistics flow cycle, reduce material flow consumption to achieve incoming and processing , logistics and production, and sales of finished products such as flexible interface to maximize the efficiency of production systems .


 2.Reliability The AGV system working process, each step is a series of data and information exchange process communication , the background has a strong database support , eliminating the human factor , and fully guarantee the reliability AGV operation process , to complete tasks in a timely manner , data accuracy of the information .


3 AGV energy independence as a system , in the absence of other systems support conditions, as an independent unit to accomplish specific tasks .


4.Compatibility : AGV is not only able to work independently , but also good at communicating with other production systems, scheduling systems, control and management system closely integrated with outstanding compatibility and good adaptability.


5 Security : AGV as unmanned autonomous vehicles , with a more comprehensive security capabilities . With intelligent traffic management , safety collision avoidance, multi-level alert , emergency braking , fault reports. Able in many places unfit for human work play a unique role .


6.Exemplary : represents advanced productive forces , is a symbol of technological progress . Can promote the quality of personnel, management level . AGV also promote enterprise standardization , standardization, information technology infrastructure.






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