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Advantages of AGV
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1. Instead of manual handling , reduce labor intensity.

2. Can be combined strong material car plus drive control unit can be easily achieved.

3 .Good flexibility, high degree of automation and intelligent level high , AGV can travel route cargo warehousing requirements, such as changes in production processes and flexible to change , and the change in the cost of running path with the traditional conveyor belts and rigid transmission line compared to the very low .


4.Advanced : AGV set of optical, mechanical, electrical , computer as a whole, a combination of today's technology field theory and application of advanced technologies. Guiding ability, high positioning accuracy, automatic driving job performance. Reduce labor, reduce the loss of human action ; reduce personnel , saving time , reducing staffing ; personnel can access inconvenient to optimize the production structure into place , saving manpower, material and financial resources.


5.Action Shortcut : AGV is characterized by wheeled mobile , compared to walking , crawling or other non- wheeled mobile robot has fast action , high efficiency , simple structure, strong controllability , safety , and other advantages . And commonly used material handling stacker, monorail car, conveyor belts, conveyor chains , conveyor track and stationary robots compared , AGV 's activity area without laying tracks , bearing frame and other fixtures, free space, roads and space restrictions. Thus, in automated logistics system , the most fully embodies its automated and flexible , efficient, economical and flexible unmanned production. Widely used in factories and enterprises AGV.


6.Production layout changes corresponding adjustment is very simple to install , debug, production time can be carried out without affecting production , trajectory flexible and can be changed at any time without affecting the layout of the production .


7.Investment cycles 1 to 2 months , the transformation period 1 day~ 1 week , compared with the logistics line equipment investment cycles double transformation cycles more than 8 times .


 8.Line equipment and logistics costs compared to slash the cost of new , minimal running costs as there is no electricity line equipment logistics wasteful idling , production layout changes reconstruction cost is very low , you can simply change the track , zero waste .




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