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Navigation of AGV
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 According to different methods of navigation can be divided into : direct coordinate navigation, electromagnetic navigation, navigation tape , optical navigation, laser navigation , inertial navigation , image recognition navigation , GPS navigation. Navigation tapes and laser navigation are most widely used in industrial.

Tape Navigation:

Principle:stick tape replacement wire buried in the ground , achieved through the tape guide inductive signal .

Tape navigation benefits : AGV precise positioning, navigation tape better flexibility to change or expand the path easier , tape laying is relatively simple , guiding principle is simple , reliable , easy to control communication of sound and light without interference , the investment cost than laser navigation much lower ;

Tape navigation disadvantages : The tape needs to maintain , to promptly replace the damaged tape , but tape replacement is simple and convenient , low cost. 

Laser Navigation:

Principles :Laser-guided driving route in the AGV mounted around the exact location of the reflection plate , AGV by emitting a laser beam , while collecting the laser beam reflected by the reflector , to determine its current position and orientation. The initial position calculation AGV -AGV car stops ; laser scanner can be measured at least four light beams , i.e., at least , " see" the four reflection plate ; all known the exact location of the reflector (X, Y);Continuous calculation of the AGV position - according to the motion model estimates the current position of the car , based on the estimated new position associated reflector , the reflector according to the associated self-position correction , the next action AGV amended accordingly .

Laser navigation advantages : AGV positioning accuracy, no other ground positioning facilities ; flexibility to change the travel route ;

Laser navigation  disadvantages: Because control of complex and expensive laser technology investment cost is higher, reflecting sheet with AGV laser sensor can not have obstacles, not suitable air with the logistics impact of the occasion.



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